A Blizzard of Ideas for Winter Self-Care

Well, we sure had a wake-up call – winter is definitely here in New York City!  With just over two feet of snow that hit us over the weekend from Winter Storm Jonas, there’s no doubt that we’re well into the season.  I hope everyone has had a safe experience during the blizzard, and the same goes for all of your friends and family.

The blizzard definitely got me thinking about a flurry of ideas for self-care, which I wanted to share with everyone.  What’s a New York City person to do when these sorts of snowstorms get cranking?  Here are some ideas below:

Winter Self-Care Tips

  1. Prioritize Safety – Of course, making sure your health and basic needs are met, as well as those of your loved ones, is high priority.  Making sure you have all of the “essentials” necessary (i.e. food, backup heating, etc.) to cope with potential winter weather hazards is important.
  2. Plan an Indoor Activity Pre-Storm – Throw a “storm party,” which can encompass watching TV shows to excess, embracing movie marathons, playing board games, telling stories, or tapping into your creativity!  Whether solo, with a loved one, or sharing with a group of friends or family, setting forth a plan of action is a healthy and positive step for coping with winter weather.
  3. Plan an Outdoor Activity Post-Storm – Once winter storms pass, it could be fun to tap into your “inner child.”  If you’re up for it, you can try sledding, ice skating, or building a snowman!  Simply taking in the breathtaking winter sights can also help relieve stress, by appreciating what nature has to offer.  
  4. Reflect – Engage your senses to appreciate the value of your experience.  If you cooked a wonderful meal during the storm, take a pause to appreciate how it tasted.  If you took a picture of the snowfall, create time to absorb the beauty of how picturesque it looks.   If you had a great laugh with friends over conversation, stop now to think about how that positive experience felt.  Reflection can help us reinforce the wonderful times we’ve had, while setting us up for positive experiences in the future.

What are your self-care ideas?  Wishing everyone a great start to 2016, and a wonderful and enjoyable winter season!

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