Finding Fulfillment

As everyone’s dreams, goals, and desires vary greatly, it is understood that the search for fulfillment will vary from person-to-person.  In finding fulfillment, how do you approach a journey of self-discovery, and connect with your authentic voice, as the chapters of your life unfold?

An important thing to realize, when it comes to finding fulfillment, is that learning, adaptability, and change are common themes. Fulfillment reveals itself at the hands of its creator, as his or her morals, values, and beliefs are exercised in a personally meaningful way.  This can help to influence and shape the vision of what that individual aspires to achieve.

What may be unhelpful in the quest for fulfillment is comparing yourself to others in a way that is detrimental to your well-being.  A tendency to compare yourself to others shifts the focus away from yourself, which can make it increasingly difficult to tap into, and operate from, a place of authenticity.  Comparing yourself to others may contribute to a feeling of lack of control of, and ownership in, your own life.  Focusing too much on what other people might think about you can also serve as an avoidance mechanism when it comes to connecting with, embracing, and living out your own definitions of a fulfilling life.

It is important to note that we all have unpleasant events that crop up in our lives, but that we can even find fulfillment in times of difficulty.  We learn about ourselves within the contexts of our own lives; our stories form an ongoing narrative by which we learn who we are as people.  And although joy is an emotion many of us want to experience when it comes to leading a fulfilling life, we might not know the depths of such joy had we not been exposed to some struggle and disappointment.  Having varied experiences can allow us to appreciate the positive when it comes our way.

Finding fulfillment can be approached as an ongoing, creative journey.  It does not have to be completely defined in a quick snapshot: it can be approached as a process that allows room for growth and change on a personal level.  The path each one of us chooses represents who we are on a multitude of levels:  emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically, intellectually, and beyond.  Our subjective and unique experiences, perceptions, and perspectives can inform our personal definitions of what finding fulfillment means to each of us.


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