Praises for these Catchphrases

As a big believer in positive thinking and positive actions, I try my best to help others find positivity in their own lives, in whatever fashion suits them best.  Realistically speaking, nobody is happy all of the time, though … and you’re not supposed to be!  Hard times, troubled circumstances, and other difficulties are supposed to evoke discomfiting emotions (if they didn’t, that could actually pose other concerns).  With that being said, many of us experience a range of emotions, and this is normal for us.  We all feel the way we do due to wide range of factors:  our biology, our psychology/personality, and our social environment/surroundings.  *However, If you are concerned about the intensity, frequency, and duration of your moods and/or emotions, the assistance of a licensed mental health professional is advised.*

Sometimes, it can be hard to keep positive momentum going, even though you may have the insight to know that this momentum can be vital to your own emotional health and well-being.  Some of us may need steady reminders to assure ourselves that we are all right:  even if we’re experiencing anxiety; even if we’re experiencing depression; even if a significant life change is taking place.

Below, I’d like to highlight some positive self-talking points, as well as some catchphrases, to help serve as a grounding foundation if you feel like you may be veering off track.  Writing them down for reinforcement (and even reciting them out loud on your own) can help you tap into motivation and/or inspiration, trigger in-the-moment recall, and focus on what’s actually and realistically within your control.  Anchoring statements can help to keep you steady:

1) “Nothing’s set in stone” – We have the ability to change course if we are not pleased with certain circumstances.  It might be hard, and there may be identifiable roadblocks, but remind yourself that you have choices.

2) “You never know what tomorrow will bring” – We all have our “good” and “bad” days.  And that’s okay.  Just remember that as long as there is a tomorrow, there will be more chances and opportunities to foster improvement and create positive changes.

3) “Don’t take it personally” – I know, it can be hard for many of us to not take things personally, especially if we are rejected or slighted.  However, we may never truly know what others around us are going through.  Never assume!  Whether you’ve been let go at work, or have suffered a break up, or have parted ways with certain individuals … it’s all okay.  There are reasons why these things happened, and some of these reasons may have had something to do with you, or they may have had nothing to do with you.  Accepting this can often be a helpful anchor.

4) “This will pass” –  When it comes to emotions, they come, and they go.  They’re transient, and they don’t stay the same.  Remind yourself that how you feel, especially when it comes to emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, etc., is a temporary state, and it won’t last forever.  You’ve made it this far, you’re still here!  And that’s a good thing.  As long as you acknowledge, accept, and learn how to cope with whatever the emotion is that is emblematic of struggle, you can work towards its passing.

5) “Slow and steady wins the race” – I know some New York folks might have a hard time with this one (insert a dose of humor here!), but it’s an important one to remember.  It may be better to take your time and really think a venture through, or to work longer or harder on a task, or to let things unfold how they’re meant to unfold, rather than to prematurely rush or push towards a goal or venture before you’re really “ready” for it to be executed.  Carelessness and errors create setbacks we want to avoid, so try to be mindful of going at a pace that works best for you, especially when working towards your goals.

Do you have any of your own anchoring statements or catchphrases that help you navigate a hard time?  Share what works for you!


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