Facing Your Fear

Posted on Mar 4, 2016

We’ve all felt it – fear. It can do all kinds of things to us, impacting our thoughts and behaviors in uncomfortable ways. Fear is an emotional experience, and one that is universal. Most of us don’t enjoy the feeling of fear, because it often comes along with an increase in anxiety, stress, or anger. Fear can teach us a lot about ourselves, though … what we’re afraid of, what we’re seeking, what we’re ambitious about, what we’re lacking, and what we hope for. Instead of running away from our fears, we can actually benefit from taking a closer look at its origins. We can get to know ourselves better by examining our fears, thereby tapping into our own resilience.

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A Blizzard of Ideas for Winter Self-Care

Posted on Jan 25, 2016

Well, we sure had a wake-up call – winter is definitely here in New York City! With just over two feet of snow that hit us over the weekend from Winter Storm Jonas, there’s no doubt that we’re well into the season. I hope everyone has had a safe experience during the blizzard, and the same goes for all of your friends and family. What’s a New York City person to do when these sorts of snowstorms get cranking?

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How to Beat Holiday Stress

Posted on Dec 14, 2015

The holidays are here, and this can be an uplifting and joyous time for many. At the same time, stress is often a common culprit during the holiday season. How do you create time and space to enjoy the holidays, without letting stress and anxiety get the best of you? Read on for some of my holiday stress-reduction tips below…

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Gratitude and Grateful Gestures on Thanksgiving

Posted on Nov 23, 2015

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the start of the holiday season is here! Of course, we kick off with Thanksgiving in just a couple of days, and many of us are looking forward to taking a pause to do a number of things: eat heartily, watch television, and enjoy some down time! Of course, this may be the case for just some of us. For others, we might take a pause to recognize our loved ones, whether they be near or far, or whether they are no longer with us. For even some others, having a quiet day and going for a walk and connecting with nature can feel great. Around this time of the year, many people begin pondering the meaning of being grateful, and wondering how to display gratitude. What rings true for you?

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The Ins-and-Outs of Online Therapy

Posted on Oct 10, 2015

NYC life can often look like this: You’re running around from place to place, multitasking as usual. You’re going to work, rushing off to appointments, doing errands, or taking care of your children or other family members. You might have a date, or a networking event to attend. Or maybe your commute is a total nightmare. The 123, NQR, 456, LIRR, and the rest of those number-letter combinations that represent our famous New York transportation lines are significantly delayed (or not running at all – we’ve all been there!) – Maybe the weather is terrible. Or maybe you’re feeling under the weather yourself! You don’t want to miss your therapy appointment, but sometimes life can, and does, get in the way. What do you do?

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What is “Mindfulness”?

Posted on Oct 5, 2015

We’ve all heard it before: be mindful! Sure, sounds easy enough. But, what exactly does being “mindful” mean? Mindfulness can have broad definitions, but in psychotherapy, it is often defined as a psychological state of awareness of our own experiences. It is an important staple in many different types of therapy, including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The key point to remember when it comes to being mindful is that your thoughts and emotions are not fixed, they are free-flowing, and they come and go. Why is this helpful to note?

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