Summer Burnout: Suntan Lotion and Other Solutions

Just because summer is fully upon us does not mean that all of our worries, responsibilities, and obligations magically disappear into the colorful sunset of a beautiful evening.  It might be easy to get caught up in carefree summer days, but of course, the realities of work, family, and other personal obligations remain.  So, how do you get a handle on addressing the important things in your life, while also finding the time to enjoy all of the fun activities of summer?

Just as it is important to allot time to decompress from the daily grind, it might be even more important to address the issues and tasks that are a part of your reality.

So, with that being said …

How do you avoid  Summer Burnout?  Suntan lotion isn’t the only solution!

1) Calendar-it:  Whether you have work, social, or personal responsibilities, it might be helpful to use new tech calendar tools to manage what you have in front of you for the days, weeks, or months ahead.  Color-coding events can also help you track what type of situation you need to manage down the line.  Using invite functions and reminder alerts can also be beneficial.  Want to go old-school?  Buy your favorite themed wall calendar, and go for it!

2) Organize-it:  There are several task-management apps out there these days.  The beauty of such systems is that they give you a true sense of accomplishment once you get things done.  The goal is that such systems reinforce you to keep going, and you literally feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders once you accomplish each task.  You can create projects, and tasks that need to get done within each project, and can set dates for yourself in terms of when things ought to be done.  Procrastination no more!  Holding yourself accountable and responsible for taking control over your life is an empowering feeling.  Soon, you’ll realize you’ve actually created more time to look at other things in your life, once you tackle and clear out some of the other things that have been lingering for a while.

3) Enjoy-it:  Be in the moment with whatever it is you might be doing.  Take it all in, and be mindful of the experience.  Even if the task at hand is something you don’t love, giving it your full attention can enhance your sense of fulfillment.  Doing something you truly enjoy? Share your enjoyment with others.  Snap some photos.  Write about it.  Laugh.  Be yourself.  Appreciate the little things.

Looking for task management tool recommendations?  Please feel free to send me a note at   As always, I’m here and happy to help.  I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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