Summer Soul Searching

Summer can be a great time to reflect on who you are, and on what you want to pursue.  Whether it be learning a new skill, pursuing a stored-away talent, or making more time for yourself, summer can be a great time to hit the pause button and take a look at what is happening in your life.  As things heat up and schedules change around a bit, the pace of our lives can naturally shift once summertime hits.  Maybe you’re someone who has most of the summer off from work and you find yourself with more time than usual.  Or, maybe you’re someone whose obligations kick up big-time during the summer months, and you’re feeling stretched thin in trying to maintain everything you have going for yourself.  Maybe you have travel plans.  Maybe you want to spend more time with your family.  Regardless of your situation and commitments, “soul searching” is something that anyone can do, implemented in a way that works best on an individual and personal basis, and the process can be an instrumental and integral part of your summer plans – if you want it to be!  

When you hear the phrase “soul searching,” what comes to mind for you?  We all have varying definitions, of course, but for the sake of this blog post, what I’d like to consider is connecting to the root of who you are in search of getting to know yourself better.

If this is something you’re interested in exploring, there are lots of ways to get started.  What can you do to get inspired to hop on the summer soul searching bandwagon?

#1 – Read, learn, explore – You may find that you gravitate towards certain interests, but for one reason or another, you haven’t pursued them to the lengths you had initially intended.  Why not start off by reading up on different perspectives related to these very topics? Knowledge is power – even if you don’t quite know your particular stance on a certain issue or topic, reading up on it can help you tap into your own perspectives on the matter.

#2 – Share, engage, discuss – In a way that feels best for you, talking about your opinions and views on an area of interest can help you get to know yourself better, as well as others.  This can be done by way of solo journaling, public blogging, or following or interacting on a variety of discussion forums.  Not much of a reader or writer?  No problem!  Check out the following steps below for more ideas…

#3 – Get out there – Human connection is important to our well-being, and creating the space and time to allow this connectivity into our lives can be not only grounding, but uplifting as well.  Try to make time for the activities and interests you’ve identified in the prompts above, and get out there and engage in the community by going to meetups, conferences, classes, and other events in a setting that promotes the occasion to be around other people.

#4 – Be kind to your mind, body, and soul – Your intellect, physical body, and inner spirit are constantly in an interplay of exchanging information.  How your mind processes information can affect your body, which can affect your inner spirit, or your “soul.”  How your body feels can affect how you think, and can thereby also impact the impressions you have of yourself.  Of course, these impressions can also impact your body, as well as how you use your mind.  As you can see, interconnectivity of these various parts of ourselves (and these are only just a few parts!) are interrelated, and often flow into one another.  Caring for all parts of yourself can benefit the whole package of who you are.

Whatever your summer plans may be, I hope you will have some time to enjoy it in a way that feels best for you!  Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out and share!

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