The Ins-and-Outs of Online Therapy

NYC life can often look like this:  You’re running around from place to place, multitasking as usual.  You’re going to work, rushing off to appointments, doing errands, or taking care of your children or other family members.  You might have a date, or a networking event to attend.  Or maybe your commute is a total nightmare.  The 123, NQR, 456, LIRR, and the rest of those number-letter combinations that represent our famous New York transportation lines are significantly delayed (or not running at all – we’ve all been there!) –  Maybe the weather is terrible.  Or maybe you’re feeling under the weather yourself!  

You don’t want to miss your therapy appointment, but sometimes life can, and does, get in the way.  What do you do?

This is where the beauty of online therapy comes into play!

“Telemental health” is a relatively new phrase in the field of mental health.  Providing psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching services from a distance all fall under the umbrella of telemental health, and thankfully so!  Having your sessions take place when and where you’d like, and at your convenience, has never been so easy.  Telemental health is also commonly referred to as online therapy, e-therapy, video-conferencing, or “Skype”-style therapy.  Your sessions can be easily accessible and convenient, taking place from the comfort of your own home, office, or private space of your choosing.

What I offer through online Theracoaching sessions is a blend of therapy and coaching techniques to help you work through your concerns and reach your goals.  Having your sessions from a distance via an online platform can be a useful option for busy professionals with tight schedules, or for those living far away from their therapist’s office.  Although in-person sessions may be ideal for many, they are not always possible.  This is why online Theracoaching is a new service I’ve recently implemented that works well for individuals who may have travel constraints, might be away on vacation or out of town, or who may be occasionally too busy to physically make it to the office.  It can truly be a beneficial modality that you want to use as your only therapeutic tool, or it can serve as a supplement to your in-person regular appointments.

Curious to learn more about online therapy?  Please send me a note, or call 212-977-7111, x243.  Talk to you soon!

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