Career Counseling

Career choice is based upon many factors.  Time, location, finances, family situations, personality, and interpersonal relationships are just a few areas that we consider when making a commitment to our work life.  For many of us residing and working in a place like NYC, career choice is important and often reflective of our identities.  Some of us innately feel the need to be connected to our work, or want to find fulfillment through the jobs we pursue.  Others may feel content in knowing that their work-life is truly divergent from who they are individually, finding meaning and value in other areas of their lives.  Whatever your personal situation and perspective, career counseling within a therapeutic context can help guide you in a direction that makes sense for your current situation, and can also inform your future.

Are you thinking about changing careers?  Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current work situation?  Do you want to experience more ambition and drive towards your work?  Has your family situation changed, and you’re left wondering how your work life will blend into this adjustment (or vice versa)?  Are you a new parent who may be grappling with the juggling act of working and parenting simultaneously?  Are you struggling with workplace gossip, bullying, an abusive boss, or other unhealthy and invasive distractions?  Are you feeling unchallenged, or as if there is little room for growth in your current work environment?

If you’ve answered yes to some of the above, you’re certainly not alone.  Work can take up a significant number of our waking hours, and most of us don’t want to be miserable…the good news is that you don’t have to be!  If you want to make a change as it relates to your job or career, keep in mind that change is a process , and does not happen overnight.  Some common areas that we can discuss in order to help you find answers to your work-related dilemmas are listed below:


Stress Management

Work-Life Balance

Office Politics


Thoughtfully considering your career and job choice is a brave endeavor.  The decisions made which influence this part of your life can result in a rewarding and fulfilling life-path, so it’s important to carefully examine your direction and your goals.  Remember: nothing is set in stone!


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