‘I have been in therapy three other times, and I have found that Darcy is the most professional therapist I have ever worked with. She made me feel comfortable. When I got off track, she was able to refocus me. I was able to share with her some things that I could not share before. She made me feel safe. She never told me what to do, but would discuss the healthiest option. I think she is a credit to her profession.’ – A.J. (former client of Darcy’s)


‘Thank you for helping me navigate a difficult time.  I know that our sessions helped greatly.  Your voice was a steady support in a very unsettled time.  I’m very grateful.’ – C.H. (former client of Darcy’s)


‘I appreciate all that you’ve done to help me, and most of all, your insight and wonderful disposition in life. I like surrounding myself with people that are positive with solid personalities, which you have indeed! A tough find sometimes.’ -B.S. (former client of Darcy’s)


‘Darcy is a highly introspective, active therapist who incorporates her own sense of personal values to her clinical work with individuals. She demonstrates appropriate clinical sense, and has developed and refined her clinical assessment skills to complement her own style and model for working with clients from all different backgrounds.’ – Pia Marinangeli, PhD LCSW, CASAC (former colleague and psychotherapist in private practice)


‘Darcy is an engaging, empathic and sensitive psychotherapist. As a clinician, she is always mindful of the appropriate boundaries and not afraid to be direct. I would highly recommend her to anyone.’ – Eugene Harding, LCSW (former colleague and psychotherapist in private practice)

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